Using TweetDeck to manage Twitter

25 01 2011

I’ve been using a fantastic program called TweetDeck to manage my tweets on Twitter. Rather than checking in every couple of hours, the program allows me  to schedule tweets either the night before or that morning all in one sitting. It also shows any mentions of the company’s Twitter account (@teamrocketlabs). I’ve provided a screenshot of the program and a description of how I’m using it as part of the company’s marketing strategy below.

Tweet Deck

Tweet tweet!

The crux of our online marketing strategy is to provide value to potential clients in the form of relevant information and support. We seek first to establish a relationship based around a mutual interest in solving a common problem. In our case that problem is how to achieve physical fitness in the face of time constraints, motivational issues and lack of knowledge. We seek to engage in a dialogue and share solutions. Since our products are potentially part of the solution to said problem, discussion of them can occur organically and the nature of the discussion differs from traditional marketing methods in that we have hopefully earned a degree of trust and our message will be more warmly received.

So what does this have to do with TweetDeck? Well, providing pertinent information is a full-time job. It requires searching for relevant information and then disseminating it through media channels such as Twitter on a regular basis. We try to send out at least 4 tweets a day spaced evenly during peak Twitter viewing hours (roughly between 8A-4P). TweetDeck allows us to write the tweets ahead of time and then schedule their broadcast. So instead of finding a smart phone or computer every hour or so and sending a new tweet on the fly, its all set the night before or even earlier if you, say, need to take a vacation.

Another cool feature of TweetDeck is you can pre-program a tweet to anyone who signs up to follow you. Ours is a simple welcome plus a link to a relevant articled followers in our demographic will find helpful. It adds a personal touch and its automated.

Finally, there is a separate column that shows any mentions of your Twitter handle. If someone retweets you, you are notified which helps identify what information your followers find most useful. This also allows you to monitor any tweets about you but not directed at you. You can reply to these tweets and capitalize on a good mention or try and resolve a bad mention. You can also try to attract those who are interested enough to tweet about your company and try to engage them in a dialogue. The best part of this program that makes Twitter so much more user-friendly is it’s FREE! Maybe it can help your business as much as it helps mine.

Here’s a link if to TweetDeck’s site if you think it might help you. And if you’re wondering, I don’t get anything for pumping their product. I just think its great and I’m glad to receive it for free.

Do you know any social media software, devices or tactics that help manage your social media marketing efforts? How do you use social media to interact with and develop your client base? What methods have you found most helpful? What lessons have you learned as to what NOT to do? Any shared knowledge is greatly appreciated!




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